Bibliometric Network Analysis and Science Mapping Using VOS Viewer. Center for Science and technology Studies (CWTS). Leiden University, Hollande.

Habilitation to manage research in Management. Paris-Dauphine University, France. Dialectics and polysemy of change : a mixed and grounded approach. Research coordinator : Pr. Michel Kalika. Président of the Committee : Pr. Pierre-Jean Benghozi, Ecole Polytechnique. Reviewers : Pr. Marc Favier, Grenoble University; Pr. Jean-Fabrice Lebraty, Lyon 3 University. Members : Pr. Sébastien Point, Strabourg University; Pr. Jacques Thévenot, Nancy University.

PhD in Management. Paris-Dauphine University, France. The Spinning Top Theory : A Cultural Approach to Information Systems Usage . Research Director: Pr Bernard de Montmorillon. Président of the Committee : Pr Michel Kalika. Dissertation proposed for best dissertation award.

Research Master in e-management and Information Systems. Paris Dauphine, France. Graduated with Honours as top of promotion. Master thesis : Understanding users’ IT culture to facilitate ICT implementation in SMEs. Results applied in SMEs subsidised by a government body.

Professional Master in International Business and Intercultural Negotiations. Paris X- Nanterre University. Master thesis: Experience versus Theory.

Higher Diploma in Education (equivalent to French CAPES). Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Thesis: “Illiteracy in the world”. Graduated with Honours.

Bachelor in Mathematics. Paris VI-Jussieu University, France.