Articles in top tier research journals

2018: Walsh, I. and Taupin, B. Une analyse bibliométrique de la recherche en gestion. Revue française de gestion, 17-46. [CNRS cat. 3, **]

2018: Dubois, S. and Walsh, I. The globalization of research highlighted through the research networks of management education institution: The case of French business schools. M@n@gement. [CNRS cat. 2, ***]

2017: résumé du livre “Découvrir de nouvelles théories” paru aux éditions EMS. Lauréat du prix FNEGE du meilleur ouvrage de recherche non collectif en management. The Conversation, France.

2017: Walsh, I. & Renaud, A. Reviewing the literature in the IS field: Two bibliometric techniques to guide readings and help the interpretation of the literature. Systèmes d’Information & Management. [CNRS cat. 2, ***]

2017: Mlaiki, A., Walsh, I. and Kalika, M. Why Do We Continue Using Social Networking Sites?
The Giving Loop That Feeds Computer-Mediated Social Ties. Systèmes d’Information & Management. [CNRS cat. 2, ***]

2016: Anand, A. and Walsh, I. Should knowledge be Shared Generously-Tracing Insights from past to present and describing a model. Journal of Knowledge Management.[CNRS cat.4, *]

2016: Walsh I., Gettler Summa M. & Kalika M. Expectable Use: An important facet of IT usage. Journal of Strategic Information .[CNRS cat.2, ***]
2016: Renaud A., Walsh I. & Kalika M. Is SAM still alive. A bibliometric and interpretive mapping of the strategic alignment field. Journal of Strategic Information Systems. [CNRS cat.2, ***]

2015 : Walsh I. Using Quantitative Data in Mixed Method GT Studies: an Enhanced Path to Formal GT in Information Systems. European Journal of Information Systems [CNRS cat.1, ****].

2015 : Walsh I., Holton J., Bailyn L., Fernandez W., Levina N., and Glaser B. Rejoinder: Moving the Management Field Forward. Organizational Research Methods. [CNRS cat. 2, ***].

2015 : Walsh I., Holton J., Bailyn L., Fernandez W., Levina N., and Glaser B. What Grounded Theory Is…A reflective conversation among scholars. Organizational Research Methods. [CNRS cat. 2, ***]. doi: 10.1177/1094428114565028. (A special issue of this journal has been organized around this article)

2014 : Walsh I. Using Grounded Theory to Avoid Research Misconduct in management Science. The Grounded Theory review.

2014 : Walsh I. A Strategic Path to study IT Use through Users’ IT Culture and IT Needs: A Mixed-Method Grounded Theory. Journal of Strategic Information Systems. [CNRS cat. 2 ***].

2013 : Walsh I., Renaud A., et Kalika M. The Translated Strategic Alignment Model: A Practice-Based Perspective. Systèmes d’Infomation et Management. [CNRS cat.2, ***/AERES]. Cet article a gagné le prix CIGREF AIM 2014 pour le meilleur article publié dans cette revue.

2011 : De Vaujany F-X., Walsh I. et Mitev N. An Historically-Grounded Critical Analysis of Research Articles in IS. European Journal of Information Systems. [CNRS cat.1, ****].

2010 : Walsh I., Kefi H. et Baskerville R. Managing Culture Creep: Toward a Strategic Model of User IT Culture. Journal of Strategic Information Systems [CNRS cat.2, ***].

2010 : Walsh I. et Renaud A. (2010) « La théorie de la traduction revisitée ou la conduite du changement traduit », Management & Avenir, 2010 [CNRS cat.4, *].